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Commentary on Psalm 106: Concluded

Storms   23 Some there were that ventured abroad in ships, trafficking over the high seas; 24 these are men that have witnessed the Lord’s doings, his wonderful doings amid the deep. 25 At his word the stormy wind rose, churning up its waves; 26 high up towards heaven they were carried, then sank into … Continue reading Commentary on Psalm 106: Concluded


Commentary on Psalm 106: Part 2

Prison   10 Some lay where darkness overshadowed them, helpless in bonds of iron; 11 their punishment for rebelling against God’s decrees, for thwarting the will of the most High. 12 Their hearts bowed down with sorrow, none else to aid their faltering steps, 13 they cried out to the Lord in their trouble, and … Continue reading Commentary on Psalm 106: Part 2

Mary: Mother of the Church

With a generous heart Mary undertook and discharged the duties of her high but laborious office, the beginnings of which were consecrated in the Cenacle. With wonderful care she nurtured the first Christians by her holy example, her authoritative counsel, her sweet consolation, her fruitful prayers. She was, in very truth, the Mother of the … Continue reading Mary: Mother of the Church

Deus Vult! Defending Christian Civilisation

It is worth noting that, from the point of view of Christianity as such, it doesn't matter that much if an existing Christian civilisation should crash and burn. That is, if the civilisational models operating in Europe and in countries founded by Europeans (the West) succumbed to the challenges facing them the faith would continue to … Continue reading Deus Vult! Defending Christian Civilisation